A downloadable game

Avoidance is a local multiplayer (or singleplayer) bullet-hell game.


-Support for up to 4 players (any combination of 4 gamepad controllers and 2 keyboards).

-Level up system (the more you play, the more you unlock items).

-No lives, no matter how much damage you take, you will never lose. The only thing that differentiates player skill is the amount of points you have. Player score is organized on the right-hand side from highest to lowest.

-Over 50 different bullet patterns!

-Each boss you fight will have a unique characteristic that influences the battle.

-Automatic shooting. Shooting is toggled by a key, and the bullets automatically target the boss, which means the entire focus of the game is dodging the enemy's attacks.

-Stunning pixel art graphics (not really).


I haven't been able to properly test 3 or 4 player support, so if there are any bugs, let me know and I'll fix them as soon as possible


Avoidance.exe 14 MB